Below you might find an answer to your question. If you miss anything, please do not hesitate to send us an email, or contact us through social media.

Ordering & Shipping

I can't find a product, is it out of stock? Will it come back?

Once in a while we go through our inventory a lot quicker, especially around the spring and summertime. This means that some of our products might be out of stock when you were looking for them. If there are just a couple of items out of stock than we will keep a notice online, if there are too many than we occasionally pull our products offline for a better overview of what is available and what’s not.

No worries, in most of the cases our products will return like it did before. If you want to stay updated that we advise you to look at our Facebook page, or send us an email at info@mariener.nl and we will keep you updated.

Can I get some free stickers?

We enjoy the sight of people interested in our products, in our brand and especially when they try to spread the word. We’ve always been very supportive when it comes to giving out extra stickers and promotional material.

Customers already know that we include stickers with every order, but if you wish to receive a couple more than you can always send us an email.

Mind you, we get a lot of email requests so we can’t promise you anything. For sticker requests, please use the following email address: info@mariener.nl. Be sure to include your full name and address.

Can I find Mariener Sunglasses in a store?

As a matter a fact, yes you can. Please go to our Store Locator and find a place nearby.

I never received a confirmation of my order

It may occur that our emails get lost in your spam box. If you can’t find any of our emails than please send us an email at orders@mariener.nl with your order number.

My order has the status processing, what does that mean?

It means you have successfully made your payment and it is in process of being packed and shipped to your location. We usually ship your order the next day but it may take up to 3 days before we process your order. Orders received in the weekends are processed on Monday and usually shipped the next day. If you have any questions regarding your order than you can always contact us, please provide your order number when contacting our support staff.

My order hasn't arrived yet, what should I do?

Shipping times varies, we are based in The Netherlands and inbound shipping (Throughout the country), usually takes 1 tot 3 days. European shipping takes a bit longer, up to 5 working days. International shipping may take up to 10 working days. If you believe that you should have already received your order than please send us an email with your question and your order number and one of our staff members will be glad to help you out.

Can I return my order?

European law states that purchases from the internet can be returned within 14 days of arrival. This is called a cool-down period. You can return your products with no questions asked and you will receive a full refund.

    • Products must be in the same condition as how you have gotten them. If this is not the case than we cannot guarantee a full refund.
    • Custom products can not be returned

But before you do, please send us an email at orders@mariener.nl and inform one of our staff members that you would like to return your order.

My product got damaged, what now?

Our customers can testify that we are very supportive when it comes to product returns, warranty issues and all sorts of support issues. We like to review every situation or question before we give you a solution.

Please send us an email at orders@mariener.nl with your questions and we will try to answer your request within 24 hours with a proper solution.

Do the products look exactly like the pictures on this website?

We have a wide variety of photos on our website, portraying our products in various variations, colors and versions. We try our best to add pictures that look as much as the real deal, but the actual products might vary slightly in real life.

For example, it is quite difficult to capture the variations in colors from our lenses. A slightly different angle gives a completely different look.

Technology & Care

What are the new Memory Thermoplastic frames all about?

We at Mariener are constantly busy tinkering away with product development to make our products even better.

Our all new |Memory Thermoplastic| Frame technology is a high tech thermoplastic material that is incredibly durable, flexible, and lightweight.

Mariener Sunglasses is the only eyewear brand that offers this type of technology at this price range!

What is the benefit of a Spherical lens in my Snow Goggle?

Spherical lenses seen in our Mountain Goggles curve both horizontally and vertically around your face with a couple of significant advantages compared to regular cylindrical shaped lenses.

  • Greater peripheral vision because of the larger service. This gives you more sight both on your left and right, but also top to bottom.
  • Glare reduction because of its curved nature. A regular pair of goggles will always give you glare no matter how clever the technology.
  • Distortion free view. At certain angles a regular lens might distort your vision. A spherical lens gives you a distortion free view as if you were looking through your own eyes.
  • Fog free vision, our lenses already have the necessary precautions to keep your view fog free. There is a double inner lens that keeps warm air away from the cold lens and there is a special coating on the inside of the lens. But a spherical lens also gives you more room between your face and the cold outside, thus better insulation and air flow, therefor a fog free vision at all times.

How do i take care of my sunglasses?

Taking care of your sunglasses the proper ways extends the life of both frame and lenses.

    • Always clean your sunglasses by using a cleaner specifically developed for eyewear lenses with a soft cleaning cloth or our microfiber pouch.
    • To avoid damage to the lens, do not clean the lenses with your t-shirt or paper towels. Cleaning with improper materials will leave marks and scratches on the surface.
    • Avoid using household detergents, soaps or glass cleaners as these are highly corrosive and can damage your lenses instantly
    • Screws may become loose over time, do not over tighten the screws as this may crack the material of the legs. Tighten the screws and untighten a quarter to half a turn for safety measures.
    • Sunscreen and other lotions can also damage the paint and coating on the frame, always make sure you fully apply these before using your sunglasses.
    • Avoid submerging frames under salty water since certain frames and coatings will corrode over time. If you have been in the sea or salty water has touched the lens than we advise you to clean this as soon as possible.
    • DO NOT place your sunglasses on the dashboard of your car. As the intense heat can distort, or crack the frame.
    • When not wearing your sunglasses, never let them rest on their lenses, always keep them safely hidden in our microfiber pouch.

What does UV400 protection mean?

Most people think that they’re at risk only when they’re outside on a sunny day, but UV light can go right through clouds, so it doesn’t matter if the sky is overcast.

Our sunglasses offer UV400 protection, sunglasses that protect you from 99 to 100 percent of both UVA and UVB light. This includes those labeled as “UV 400,” which blocks all light rays with wavelengths up to 400 nanometer (This covers all of UVA and UVB rays.)

What is the microfiber pouch for? can i use it to clean my lenses?

Our microfiber pouches are made from very soft materials that are ideal for lens cleaning. Our bags are small and easy to carry with you in case you need to store or clean your pair of sunglasses. Always carry and store your sunglasses in one of our pouches for maximum protection.

I touched the inside of my goggle, will this hurt the anti-fog treatment?

We strongly advise against touching the inside of your lens. Although it has an inner lens to keep your vision fog free, it works alongside aspecial coating on the outside that might get harmed if touched.

!! Never use any type of cleaner on the inside as this might harm the coating. !!

The inside of my lens has a scratch, what now?

Depending on the depth of the scratch, you may be able to remove it if you use our microfiber pouch and apply slight pressure and make circular movements.

!! This is at your own risk. Only do this on the inside of the lens. Doing this on the outside may damage the lens !!

Why is there a difference in tint darkness?

We offer a wide variety of colors and types of finishes of lenses in our products. To keep things simple, there is a difference in darkness of each lens. All of our lenses offer UV400 protection for harmful UV A/B/C radiation, but that has nothing to do with the tint of the lenses. For example, a more red to orange colored lens is darker than a blue or silver lens.

Where are your products made?

Our factories in Taiwan make our parts from raw materials. But we assemble our products here in The Netherlands. You might even spot a fingerprint here and there because we look at every item getting shipped out the door =)